Yard Projects in Million Degree Heat

For some reason, my brain hasn't caught up to the idea of hundred-degree days with 80% humidity yet.  I keep thinking, "wait, where's the nice transition from spring to summer?  It should only be 75 degrees right now!"  Since it was cloudy this morning, I thought it would be a great day to build a turtle run for our teeny baby box turtle who, by the way, is a trillion times better pet for Wyatt than the dog was....I just don't want him in my house!  After about 20 minutes, I had completely sweat through my clothes and had sweat dripping from my nose that was running off my forehead.  I was a bonafide construction worker today.

Here is who all the fuss is about...just precious.  His name is Mach.  As in speed of sound, Mach.

I would've taken step by step photos, but the aforementioned sweat problem prevented that from happening.  Before you laugh at how corny some of my decorating is, just know that this is very temporarily mocked up...I'll be planting edible shade plants for him soon.
 Another view
 His very "Fred Flinstone" house...and a frisbee pond.
 And where is he?  Hiding in a corner by the food.  Sigh.

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