LEM: Soft & P64: Wisteria

Yesterday was a rarity:  the boy and I stayed home all day with no scheduled playdates or errands to run.  I wish I could say that was intentional, but my hubby's daily driver was on the verge of going kablooey, so he drove my Jeep while his truck was in the shop.  So basically, we were stranded.  In the end, it was a blessing.  We spent the entire day dodging chores and taking short excursions outside. 

I took this one down at the pond, our usual first stop on our nature walks.  We sat under our shade tree watching the birds and dragon flies for awhile, and a soft breeze started to blow.  My dress started flipping around my ankles, and this exact image flashed into mind.  Not seconds later, I was using my hat and the camera strap as an impromptu tripod and setting the timer!  It just so happens that the purple elements of the pattern in my dress are an exact match to my little swatch of Wisteria, too (although in the photo it appears a little darker, hmmm...)

Self-portraits are becoming a favorite of mine...I especially love the anonymous ones!

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  1. I love this selfie - has an interesting mood to it...like hope.

  2. I don't think I would have thought of it as soft, but i get it! I love it! Well captured emotion!

  3. Love this, love the gentle breeze, and the tones! Great selfie!

  4. Yes, you can just feel how soft the breeze is in this photo. Great idea!

  5. Nice! I love skirts blowing around my ankles! Never thought to get a picture of it, though! Beautiful!

  6. Wonderfully captured moment - and great thinking!

  7. This is such a creative shot! I can sense the warm breeze blowing your skirt. Very nice!


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