Paper Mama Photo Challenge: Sweet

This Fourth of July, Wyatt really came out of his shell and actually enjoyed fireworks for the first time.  He thoroughly enjoyed chucking snappers onto the concrete, and even begged to play with sparklers!  Gives a whole new meaning to Indenpendence Day...he's growing up before my very eyes!

This week over at Paper Mama, the theme is Sweet.  When I hopped over to see who won for last week, I was delighted to see that my photo for Sparkle was one of Chelsey's favorites!  What an honor!  If you want to see the top 3 winners and her other favorites, click here...so many great captures!

Here's my Wyatt, totally excited about the snapper he was about to toss at my feet. 

And here he is inspecting the confetti that shot out of the little champagne popper.  I just think Wyatt is so cool because he finds such simple things to be so interesting and valuable.  He is still carrying around this wad of paper, pretending it is anything from a jellyfish to a wig.

And he surprised me the most with the sparklers.  Last year, I almost gave him a coronary by even suggesting that he hold one.  Geez, he really isn't a baby anymore, is he?  But he's still my sweet little boy.

The Paper Mama

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