Paper Mama: Summertime

We've had some serious heat here in Oklahoma this summer.  I believe we're at 18 days of 100+ temperatures, with heat indexes hovering somewhere around 110 degrees.  Phew.  It's steamy.

Much of our time has been spent indoors as a result, or at the local splash pad.  This picture is of my sweet Wyatt, sweat running down his forehead and speckling his nose, on one of our short walks this summer.  Hard as I try, I cannot keep this boy inside for long.  To him, summertime means bullfrogs, dragonflies, snakes, flowers, and the like.  See his determined face?  I think he had spotted something he wanted to catch.  That's my boy!

The Paper Mama


  1. Great shot! Love the black and white!

  2. I think children are immune to the heat. HA HA

  3. Cute black and white!

    Plus I think Ashley is right, my son doesn't seem to be as bothered by the heat as the rest of us either!

  4. Love how you captured that drop of sweat on his brow.


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