Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Two weeks off from the world really caught up with me this week.  Seems like people missed me!  I spent a lot of time catching up with friends this week, I took my Pooh Bear bowling, and I started prepping my, gulp, huge stash of Just Between Friends stuff.  I also had the pleasure of photographing two gorgeous babies this week:  my newest neighbor, 3-week-old Carter, and my good friend Kelli's 3-month-old daughter, Karli!  I haven't edited Carter's shoot yet, but I'll share one of Karli's below as a hunt item!

1.  Black and White
  Okay, I hope I'm not the only girl who really loves old cars in the blog world...
A local classic car lot always has gorgeous oldies, and on the way home from bowling the other day, the boy and I stopped to oogle.  This Dodge Coronet was by far my favorite, followed closely by a Ford Fairlane and an Impala.

2.  Refections in Glass
Okay, so this isn't glass.  The photo I had planned to take was a reflection off of our windows of Wyatt playing in our backyard, but our back yard is currently a big expanse of dirt because we're reseeding it...not so pretty.  I loved this rear-view mirrow...this is the back of it...and I thought I'd be forgiven if I cheated and used chrome rather than glass.

3.  Headlights
These headlights were on a Cadillac Fleetwood.  Amazing car in pristine condition.  Does anyone else see a robot face here?

4.  Seeing Double
Before you freak out, I am not a hoarder.  This is the gigantic pile of kids and baby clothes that I am preparing to sell in the Just Between Friends sale in about a month.  The reason this qualifies for the "seeing double" prompt:  this is double the amount of clothing I've ever had.  I'm really stressed out about it.  My mom and I shop garage sales and clearance racks at retailers, then we flip the stuff at JBF for a profit.  It's always worth the effort...but man, this is a lot of clothes.  Not to mention the shoes, toys, games, baby gear, etc that is also looming over my head.  Pray for me.

5.  Bare
These are Miss Karli's bare little piggies.  She wins the award for "most cooperative baby ever."  She was a perfect angel! 


  1. Loved the bare feet! My husband was drooling over the classic car shots :)

  2. Great perspective on bare and really like your reflections shot.

  3. How sweet with bare. I really love your reflection shot though! Love all the color.

  4. Your bare shot is just simply sweet and I love the processing on it, too.

  5. Beautiful photos...I love old cars, too...wish I would have thought to use them this week...visiting from Ramblings and Photos!

  6. Love those little piggies, but the headlights--so cool! Definitely a Robot! Great set!

  7. love your reflection and bare!! Great shots!! Those classic cars are so freaking awesome!

  8. love the headlight shot and the bare feet, toooo cute!

  9. I did see a robot face in your headlights shot.:D And sweet is your bare shot! Great job!:)

  10. The third picture (Headlights) looks like one of the Transformers! LOL! It is nice to see the pictures of these vintage cars and of course, the cute little princess!


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