Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I don't know if it is my new-found confidence in Photoshop, or if it's just that I'm starting to acclimate to the heat, but I had some major creative energy this week!  Most of it has been spent making jewelry, but I did get all artsy-fartsy with some photography, too.

If you'd like to see (and yes, you may also critique) my first real creative edit in Photoshop, click right here.  My good friend Kim, whose daughter is in the photograph, could use your prayers right now...she's been really weak and has been experiencing odd symptoms lately.  The docs are trying to figure out what's going on, and in the meantime, she's on light duty.  Lift her up if you have a minute!

On to the hunt: 

1.  Music to my Ears
This, my friends, is my hard-working A/C unit.  In these miserably hot months, the constant drone of the fan has definitely been music to my ears!

2.  Hat
Just when you think they can't get much cuter...
I can often be seen wearing one, or both, of two things:  a skirt and a hat.  On this day, while sitting under our favorite shade tree at the pond, Wyatt decided to model my hat for the camera.  Love him. 

3.  Clear
I received a package of exquisite stones for a client's jewelry order this week.  These quartz teardrops are so dreamy...they're as clear as glass with no inclusions, which is kind of rare for quartz.  A few months ago, I broke my wedding ring, so my finger has been nekked except for a teeny little silver braided ring I've been wearing until I can get my ring fixed.   Don't worry Hubby...I'm not getting any crazy ideas...but a girl can pretend, right?

4.  Out of this World
This is a cicada.  A dead one.  Aren't they so alien-looking?  Thanks to Wyatt, I have had the pleasure of closely examining many of God's more unique creations. 

5.  Sprinkles
The OCD person that I am, this photo kind of stresses me out, but not as much as actually taking the picture did.  I have this great idea for Wyatt's 5th birthday invitations (which is 5 months away, you should know):  dip his hand in non-pareils, covering it, and have him hold up his five fingers.  This was sort of a practice run, which went terribly wrong as you can tell.  First of all, I only had Christmas sprinkles, and only enough for one try.  Second, I should've wiped the water off of his hand.  Oh well, I have half a year to get it right.


  1. Great photos! Love them all!:)

  2. That sprinkles shot is awesome. I'll definitely be praying for your friend.

  3. I love both the out of this world and the sprinkles shots. Great job!

    I'm thinking about your friend. I know they'll figure it out and she'll be good as new.

  4. Oh what fun! The hat one is my favorite just too cute! (Love the sprinkle idea too, especially that you are practicing now!)

  5. WOW!! Amazing photos for the prompts this week!! Love you idea for music and the sprinkles rock!

  6. Love the A /C shot, very creative set!

  7. Hi friend! Love your hat shot of your sweet little man and clear is soooo cool!! Great job!! Hope you guys had a great weekend!

  8. fantastic photos. my sprinkles shot also really pushed my OCD issues!

  9. Love the face on Hat. That bug is scary

  10. Such fun photos! I love your hat shot and the one of the sprinkles. You did a wonderful job! :)


  11. Love the cute hat shot. Your take on music to my ears made me laugh - I totally understand! :) The sprinkles shot is so fun, and the invitation idea is great!
    bugaboo, mini, mr & me

  12. So much fun to see the interpretations of each weeks challenge prompts!
    Nice set!


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