Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Wow.  Have you ever woken up on Saturday only to wonder where the week went?  And simultaneously feel like the past 7 days were more like 700 days?  It was the longest week that went by quickly, ever. 

For those of you who were praying for my friend Kim, THANK YOU!  She finally received an accurate diagnosis:  Lyme disease.  Praise God, the antibiotics started kicking in, and she is on the mend! 

Now, on to this week's hunt.  You'll have to forgive my use of a few archived pictures.  See above statement about longest week ever for reference.

1.  Walking Empty Streets
This is my best friend's daughter, Gracie, who coincidentally is Wyatt's best friend.  I went over to do their family photo shoot, but before we did all four of them together, I took each of the girls out separately for individual shoots.  I love the mood of this shot.  Their farm is so beautiful...I loved ALL of the pictures I got that day!

2.  Repeating Pattern
This was a plasma-cut bench at NASA in Houston.  I thought it was super cute, and had it not been bolted to the floor, I may have tried to sneak it out under my skirt for Pooky's room.

3.  Floor
Meet Carter, my newest neighbor.  He arrived a few weeks after his parents and brother moved in.  I cannot even tell you how excited I am to have a squishy baby boy to cuddle right next door!  For his photo shoot, we laid him on the floor in the light pouring in from his bedroom window.

4.  Then and Now
At the beginning of June, we found a box turtle hatchling.  Since the dog didn't exactly work out for us, I figured a turtle as a pet would better suit the boy.  I was right, although technically, he's my pet since I'm the one taking care of him.  And I love him more.  Can you believe how big he's gotten in just a little over a month?  I'm using this photo for my Project 64 this week...his shell in the bottom picture hints at Raw Sienna.

5. Fingertips
Another one of Carter...his teeny little paw.  Oh cripes, it almost makes me want another baby.  Almost.

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  1. What a great set - but praise God for your friend. That is wonderful news. I love your last shot.

  2. I agree with Ashley, that last shot is amazing!

  3. Very cute "fingertips" photo. :) Very precious!

  4. I enjoyed your post! Such a great collection of photos! The baby boy is so adorable. I think my favorite is the then and now. He's such a cute turtle and so tiny!

  5. Then and now is so tiny, beautiful ! Fingertips cute !!! Lovely photos all !!!!

  6. So glad your friend is feeling better. I hope the antibiotics can get rid of the Lyme. Such a nasty disease.
    Love your first and last shots the most.

  7. Great shots! Love the first one, and what a cute turtle! Hope he works out well for you.

  8. Oh, they are all perfect. Your turtle is growing fast :)

  9. I love the plasma cut patterns! Im guessing it was done by machine to get such perfect shapes to repeat themselves. But plasma cutting by hand isn't too hard either if you or anyone you know welds. or... it would be different but similar if you simply painted a pattern like that onto a bench! you could even fit sheet metal over the seat of a premade bench if you wanted!

  10. my son just saw the turtle and asked if we could have one!

  11. I love them all! I'm from p64 so of course I love the then and now/raw sienna shot! Plus how freakin' cute is that little guy! I love him!!

  12. Wonderful photos. What a sweet baby!

  13. I have a soft spot in my heart for black and white photos. The contrast captures such great nuances of the shot. Your turtle baby is very cute...in a reptile sort of way! :-) But my fave is the pudgy little hand!

  14. I loved your post. I am also thankful your friend was properly diagnosed and she is on the mend. So many times, they don't figure it out so quickly. I can't decide between the box turtle shots or the sweet baby boy on the floor. Lovely photos!

  15. Love the first shot - reminds me of my granddaughters. Great shot!
    The fingers shot is so precious - that definitely needs to be in the babybook. :)


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