A Week of Challenges: Beach Edition

The Mister and I decided that we'd take the Little to the beach for the first time this week.  It was kind of a spur of the moment decision...we've only had it planned for about two weeks...which is very unlike the two of us.  I'm so glad we did, though, because the three of us thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, soaking up some U.S. history while we weren't splashing around at the beach or in the pool.  We visited the San Jacinto battlefield, the Battleship Texas, and the Space Center in Houston, plus I went shopping...ALONE!  All in all, pretty fabulous week.

Here are all of my entries for my favorite photo challenges from the week:

First up, my Scavenger Hunt Sunday items, with a few other challenges sprinkled in.

1.  Pop of Color
 I saw these little speedo jammers online, and I truly couldn't resist them.  Pooky's little tush is way too cute not to put spandex on...just sayin'.  Besides, they were on sale.  I like this pair the best out of the two pair I bought because of the little pop of blue stripes. 

2.  Crossing Thresholds
This trip was Wyatt's first visit to the ocean...I took this photo just after the first wave splashed past his little feet.   I'd say that's a pretty significant threshhold to cross at 4 1/2 years old.  He was delighted (although nervous...Daddy had to hold onto him until he got used to the waves).

3.  X-Ray
 Jason and I are kind of nerdy when it comes to history.  We love American history especially, so when we saw that we could visit the Battleship Texas, we were elated.  This is the dentist's office onboard the retired ship.  Just a guess, but I don't think I'd want any tooth problems that would require an x-ray in this turn-of-the-century dentist office.  Forgive the blur...the lighting below deck was horrendous.

4.  Toy
Galveston beach is chock full of sea shells.  Wyatt was limited to one pail full that he could bring home.  Trust me, he cherishes them and will play with them more than any store-bought toy.

5.  Hidden
As the waves pulled back toward the sea, they'd reveal tiny little sea shells that were previously hidden beneath the sand.

Next is my Theme Thursday, for which the weekly theme was Summer Sun.
I especially love this shot of one of the flying rats, er, I mean sea gulls taking off to escape the approaching waves. 

And over at Live Every Moment this week, the theme was Red, White, & Blue.
 I thought this life ring station would do the trick.   I'm also using this photo for my Project 64: Red.

project64 button

And over at Momma In Focus Friday, this week's theme was water.  I just love this photo that Jason took while Wyatt and I splashed around. 
One Day At A Time

And ya know, sometimes you take a photo that you love for so many reasons, but there's simply no one prompting you to enter it into any contest.  Like this one of my two favorite guys.  

Lastly, over at Paper Mama this week, the theme was Sparkle.  I figured that the sparkle in Wyatt's eyes with his new-found love of the ocean would fit the bill.

The Paper Mama
I took many more photos that I'm going to share in another entry soon.  I'm still aching from the 10-hour car ride yesterday, so I think I'm done with the 'puter for now.  Follow my blog so you don't miss anything!


  1. I can't possibly comment on all of them, but I love your theme thursday shot as well as your momma in focus. Looks like you guys had a great time! Happy 4th.

  2. Great shots... Love your idea for hidden.

    Great job!

    Hope you have a blessed Sunday!

  3. looks like you had a great time! can't wait to hear all about it.

  4. Wonderful photos!! Looks like an awesome family trip to the beach! And your x-ray idea is awesome! Have a good Fourth!

  5. Love your hidden photo! Looks so neat! :)

  6. What a great shot for x-ray, very old school.

  7. What an awesome post full of great photos with great memories attached to them. I absolutely adore the one of you and your son.

  8. I loved seeing your search -- journey of the day!


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