This week, the boy and I had the company of my sweet little niece, Lainey.  They're at that magical point at which they have similar interests and thoroughly enjoy each other's company, and they truly love each other.  It was such a pleasure to have her for two days, and I hope the opportunity presents itself again soon!

Yesterday, I took them to the zoo for a special treat.  Lainey turns six in a little over a week, which is astounding to me.  She was, for lack of a better phrase, my practice baby.  She's 18 months older than Wyatt, and I babysat her once a week from three weeks old to about 14 months.  I only stopped because I was a pretty miserable pregnant person, and I was working so much that all I wanted to do on my days off was sleep.  I still envision her as a teeny baby, and I'm always taken aback by how big she's getting...although she is only an inch taller than Wyatt!

Here are some of my favorite moments from our days together.  If you'd like to see the mini-shoot that I did of Lainey for her birthday, hop over to cindykayphotography.blogspot.com.

Pretending to drive the old wagon at the zoo.  I should've told Wyatt that wagons didn't have steering wheels.

 I love how they stuck together like glue all day. 

Being silly goons in the Rainforest Building. 

They're two peas in a pod.

My favorite.

Seriously, I love this kid!

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  1. LOVE these pics! I am so glad that they are having fun together, and that you are getting pics of each of these stages. I don't think it is humanly possible to get cuter than Wyatt, but each new pic seems more adorable than the last. <3


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