LEM Challenge: Bokeh

I'm sort of cheating...this is an archived photo...but I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off for days!  I took this early this spring and I cannot get over how much I love this color of pink...and I don't like pink at all!  I would almost consider painting something this color...if not just finding a cute dress, or some shoes, in this shade. 

In any event, it perfectly fits the prompt this week for bokeh.  Bokeh is my very favorite creative element in photography!  


  1. Love those tones - makes me think of fall.

  2. Oh, that IS the perfect color of pink! So very lovely!!

  3. gorgeous! I think of this as more peachy.

  4. That is gorgeous and it just stupid to waste the best shots even if they are old pictures, right:)


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