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While grocery shopping this week, the boy spotted the prickly pineapples in the produce section, and as always, he begged hysterically for me to buy a "pine cone" to eat.  I happen to know that Wyatt doesn't particularly like pineapples, as I've tried to feed him the canned variety multiple times since his infanthood, yet he remains unconvinced because none of those cans ever looked so fabulous as a fresh pineapple.  Since the psychology of it all intrigued me, I caved and bought the smallest one I could find, knowing that it would be up to my husband and I to eat this thing. 

Before I could chop into this beauty, Wyatt had to man-handle it for awhile.  I'm always game for a fun photo op.

FYI:  He excitedly gobbled up two bites, recognized the flavor, then was mysteriously "full."

The Paper Mama

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