Project 64: Cadet Blue

I almost had to skip this week for P64, but I ended up getting my color at the last minute!  I was scouting for new photo shoot locations, and while on a friend's farm, I spotted these two tanks.  I'm not entirely sure what they're for, but the one on the right is a perfect match to my cadet blue swatch that I've carried around in my pocket all week!  Yay!  Was this a tough color for anyone else?  It's like purply-gray-blue.  Not much is made in that color, so it seems. 

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  1. It was a harder color to find than I thought. Guess that just makes us look at our world a little closer? :-)

  2. It was a hard color for me too, but you found a great match! Glad you didn't skip a week! Thanks for linking up!


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