Project 64: Forest Green

I let the kid con me into buying a pineapple this week, even though my super mommy-sense knew that he would not eat it.  Sometimes it doesn't hurt to oblige his whims.  Turned out to be extremely sweet and delicious.   Plus, because I was right, there's plenty for Jason and I to share! 

For a glimpse at my ecstatic Pooky Bear posing with his "pine cone," click on this link.

Among the many other complex colors in this fruit, it was covered in Forest Green.

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  1. I love fresh pineapple, and I love your perspective on this shot!

  2. I really like this! Great shot!

  3. It really doesn't get any better than a good fresh pineapple...unless it's watermelon! Pineapple skin has so many great photo opportunities! I love your angle on this shot. Great detail.

  4. great shot, I can almost taste it!


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