Project 64: Green Yellow

You know, life can be ironic sometimes.  I've been unscheduling the boy and I lately, so you'd think that I'd never lay my camera down, but I haven't taken many pictures in the past couple of weeks...other than the family and kid sessions I've done. 

I went to the zoo with Wyatt and my niece on Friday, and while there I took a handful of really beautiful still-lifes and arty angled shots of the landscaping.  I had my list of photo prompts, including P64, in my pocket, but never referenced it once...now I'm looking at another week of not playing along.  I'm okay with that...maybe next week.

Alas, because I haven't missed a single week in 32 weeks of P64, I'm pulling an archived photo.  You may have seen it before in one of my Scavenger Hunt Sunday posts from a few weeks ago.  I really love my silly bottles!

project64 button


  1. I love colored glass in a window, yours are lovely.

  2. I love the light and what the shape of the curvy handle adds to the picture. Thank you for sharing!

  3. We all love your silly bottles! Love the color and the shapes.


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