The things you find when you mow your yard

We mowed our back yard.  Whoop-dee-doo, right?  A long story made short:  we reseeded our back yard with bermuda, and due to the heavy fertilization and consistent watering, the new crop of grass grows to a lush 10 inches tall in less than a week!  Cuh-ray-zee.  When the hubbs was riding the mower around our boat, out hopped three little bunny foo-foos!  One made a run for it out of the gate, but the other two just huddled in the corner, shivering in fear.  I was worried that they'd run under the mower (they probably wouldn't have...animals aren't stupid), so I snatched them up and the boy and I cuddled on them until the blades of death stopped turning.

Disclaimer:  I grew up way out in the country, raised by hillbillies, so this sort of thing ain't my first rodeo.  Do not try this at home.
Baby rabbits = pretty docile, not likely to bite.  
Big rabbits = you're going to be blogging with your toes from now on.

I'm entering this one over at LEM this week...the theme is animals.  Ignore my dirty hands...I had been picking weeds!

I can't even tell you how disappointed the boy was that we eventually let them go.  I had to...his daddy was sure I'd exposed us all to rabies (he's a city boy), and I'm almost positive they are still nursing (no teeth).  Cute though, huh?
And lest you worry that Mama Rabbit won't take her babies back now that they smell like us...that's a total myth.  These little mammals have pretty strong mothering instincts.


  1. So extremely cute! Yeah, I had a big bunny that was my pet and she about took off my hand so, I'm a little gun shy. :0) Great capture!!

  2. Oh how adorable! Wee bunnies are so cute! Though you are right- they aren't nearly as sweet when they grow up!

  3. Oh my ...so so so cute!! Love this.

  4. OH wow! Itty bitty baby bunnies! They are so sweet!

  5. I was raised a country hillbilly too and I'm right back here now! :)
    These pics are so sweet.
    Carletta's Captures

  6. What a find. They're sure to grow pretty fast back with their Mama. That black and white photo is great.

  7. Oh my goodness. Sooo very sweet.

  8. Aww I miss "rescuing" cottontails on the farm! Too cute! Love the little bunny foo foo reference too. Now the song is playing in my head. :-)

  9. Very sweet. We capture stuff and release it all the time too! Nature belongs in nature.


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