Me, Myself, and I

Lest anyone think I am vain for taking a few selfies, let me assure you, I am quite the opposite.  I do think that I am beautiful, but not in the typical sense of the word.  I am a daughter of the King, and the bible says that the King is enthralled with my beauty...so that's what I'm clinging to. 

I've always loved taking pictures.  I've never liked being in pictures.  Until now.  Inspired by Chelsey over at Paper Mama, Casey of One Day at a Time, and Ashley over at Ramblings and Photographs, I thought I'd dabble a bit in selfies.  If they turned out ugly, I could delete them and no one would ever know.  I recently bought myself a treat, a 50mm, and I thought it would be a great opportunity to play with it in any case.  I've got to be honest, I love these pictures.  They well up all kinds of emotions in me.  I don't know why.  I think for the first time ever, I feel like my outside matches my inside....does that even make sense? 

To Chelsey, Ashley, and precious Casey:  Thank you!  Thank you for challenging all of us ladies whom you've never met to stretch our imaginations and get outside of our comfort zones.  I have always loved photography, and because of women like you who are so willing to share your knowledge and wisdom, I have finally found an outlet that gives me pure joy.  And I feel God's joy, too, when I use the gift He's given me to capture memories for other people!

I'm entering this one over at I Heart Faces for the People's Choice link-up.

I Heart Faces - Photo Challenges & Photography Tutorials


  1. Cindy -- those are so great! You are so talented! xoxo

  2. Well, a few things come to mind after reading this post and seeing your gorgeous selfies....First, when you share what is on your heart it is so beautiful! You have such an sweet heart and spirit that is so evident through your writing, your encouragement and your heart for the Lord. I have to say I know exactly what you mean about the outside matching the inside and that was so well said. Being comfortable in our skin..finally after all these years. Finding who we are, feeling at peace. ahhhhh, so wonderful isn't it! These pictures are fantastic. You truly glow....print these because I think your kiddos are going to cherish them too all the days of their lives!! Thank you for saying such sweet things about me/us. I don't feel that I deserve the praise but, I'll receive it. Thank you much because in fact your facebook comment was one of the highlights of my day!! Hugs.


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