Project 64: Blue Violet

I hope no one minds a couple more photos from my day at the Oklahoma Aquarium...I've been pretty busy these past couple of weeks with photo shoots and editing!!!  Unlike most of the other pics from my aquarium day, these are...drum roll, please....SOOC!!!  These jellyfish were in a tank lit by a blacklight, so they glowed with a beautiful blue-violet bioluminescence.  I could've stood there all day watching them.  

Here's my entry for the week...I just loved the shape of this guy and his frilly little cilia.

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  1. Beautiful photos! The light and color is amazing. Thank you for sharing!

  2. These are lovely! I really love the one you choose for Project 64, so pretty! And GREAT SOOC shots!

  3. These shots are stunning! I'm always amazed at the beauty of the underwater world.

  4. Perfect pictures for blue-violet week.

  5. Incredible SOOC shot!! The colors and lighting are gorgeous!


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