S is for Snake

With the title of this post alone, I'm sure I've already lost some of you.  But for those of you who are hanging in there, here's the story:

At the beginning of the summer, the hubbs and I started a brick patio project in our newly fenced-in back yard.  A week into it, the temperatures soared over a hundred degrees and never came back down.  We totally walked away from it until this week...eighty degrees is much more like it!

Well, in those few months, weeds took over.  Like, totally.  It was almost literally a jungle over there.  But, alas, if it was too hot to lay bricks, you can bet your britches it was too hot to pull weeds.  Tuesday was the day I decided was a good day for yanking things up by the root.

Tobey McGuire has Spidey Sense.  I have Snakey Sense.  Before I even plucked the first blade of crabgrass, I knew I was going to meet a snake that day.  And I was right...three times over.  Much to Wyatt's delight (and mine, if I'm honest), they were all harmless garter snakes.  I actually want these little guys to hang around.  

 This was the biggest of the three we found.  He was so docile and didn't seem to mind one bit being handled. 

 He looked bigger in Wyatt's hands. 

Wyatt was in heaven.

So, have I earned any "cool-mom" brownie points? 

These shots are SOOC.  I'm trying to push past my purist nature a bit by forcing myself to edit photos that are not for clients...slowly but surely...but I liked these just the way they are (except maybe I should've closed the aperture a tad).  I don't know what my deal is. 

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