Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This week's hunt was a blast!  On my husband's day off, we took Wyatt to the Oklahoma Aquarium.  While there, I forced myself to shoot in full manual...indoor photography is my nemesis, and the dark, backlit environment of the aquarium just screamed "learning experience" to me.  And learn I did.

1.  Stairs
I know that this isn't technically a photo of stairs, but rather an illustration of my sweet son's obstinate refusal to use them while playing on his slide.  I suppose that slipping and sliding maniacally during the attempt to climb the slide is almost more fun than going down it...?

2.  Macro
 This huge starfish was attached to the front glass of his tank by only two legs...he was kind of leaning back towards the light source as if trying to sun himself.  Gave me a great opportunity to photograph his tube feet!

3.  Clouds
 I know...I'm stretching my imagination a bit here for the "clouds" prompt...but I could have stayed at this exhibit all day.  The jellyfish tank had a current that continually swirled these fluffy guys around in a dreamy whirlpool.  Watching them drift along felt just like lying on the ground watching the clouds billow by!

4.  Abstract
 Seriously, this may be my favorite picture of the day, and it's totally abstract.  See that column in the middle of the picture?  That pillar was the center of a tank in which these shiny, silver fish swam around and around at lightning speed.  I just opened the aperture all of the way and slowed the shutter waaaaaay down.  So cool!

5.  Smile
I took this one while visiting with Clifford and Joella, our sweet friends who live down the street.  Wyatt and Joella were rocketing a hotwheel back and forth to one another across the patio table...I think that Wyatt's attempt sent the car hurling into the empty chair next to Joella, which to him was hysterically funny!  I just love his laugh!  And if you're wondering about that great hair of his...it was SO WINDY that morning!


  1. i love the last one that is too cute! great shots!

  2. Definitely a neat abstract!! It's fun to play around with shutter speed!

  3. These are fabulous!! Your son is so precious and your aquarium finds are beyond stunning!

  4. Love your reverse take on stairs...and you're right, that abstract is fantastic. The colours are really lovely.

  5. I can imagine that going to an aquarium must be heaven for a photographer. Still on my want-to-do list..

  6. That smile is so awesome...and love your macro. Hope you have a great week.

  7. Love the jellyfish clouds and Wyatt's delightful smile.

  8. Fantastic set, love all the aquarium shots, great macro!

  9. Love your set!! The aquarium is a hard place to take photos!! I have has many, many flops! I love your macro shot and smile too!

  10. Amazing photos! Well done. LOVE the jellies ;O)

  11. Oh, i am LOVING that abstract! soo creative! Thanks soo much for your kind words on my blog. I head to mops this morning and am hoping to see Stephanie there. I didn't hear back via phone text, but....we'll see. God is bigger than a phone text :) That's awesome how you got to minister to someone who had similar struggles. God is good! To arrange a meeting through Craigslist.....He's funny :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! love your comments :)


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