Three Mango Seeds Link Up Party

When my lovely friend, Clydia asked me to link up a post to her Link Up Party, I immediately knew I'd have to do something photography related...duh.  I mean, I could have done something around handmade jewelry, but then I'd have to think. 

My very best advice for transforming a snapshot into a portrait is this:  move around your subject, and get on his/her eye level.  Below are some examples of the exact same pose from different angles and perspectives.  I'll walk you through my thought process for each while I was shooting them.

For this one, I thought I'd accentuate the staircase by shooting up at her from ground level, but in the end, this really just looks like I took a picture of a staircase that just happened to have a ballerina stretching on it.  Very snapshotty.  Yes, I'm coining that term.

For this one, I climbed up to her eye level.  Already, 100% better, butt, er, I mean but, this perspective just wasn't doing it for me.  From this angle, I did however notice the story being told by her hand and foot. So...

...I hustled to the opposite angle.  All three of these shots happened within about 60 seconds.  This final shot is one of my favorite portraits that I've EVER taken.  

I know that it isn't possible in all situations to move around your subject and recompose your shot until you get it right.  Sometimes a snapshot is all you can get, and in reality, snapshots tell the stories of our lives.  However, if you do have the time, take the time.  Your photos will really be elevated to art!

To see the rest of this shoot, jump over to my photography blog, Cindy Kay Photography.


  1. Love it! I looked at all these shots last night and they are incredible! Thanks for linking up! Love you friend :)

  2. I love this collection - I was hoping to see more after your I heart faces pick.

  3. Thank you, both! I feel like I've actually produced ART for the first time with my camera...plus there's the sentimental factor of this little girl being someone very dear to me. I have my first wedding in a couple of weeks...as a second shooter...and I'm so hoping that I'm able to work at this caliber for the bride and groom!

  4. As I said before those pictures were simply breath taking!! I am in awe of how graceful she is and how well your pictures captured that grace and beauty. Excellent job my friend!


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