Paper Mama: Fall

Oh, how I love fall!  The weather is finally just right for long nature walks with Pooky, and there are so many new things on the ground to find!  Plus, the likelihood of stumbling upon a snake is greatly diminished.  The other day, I decided to play with my new camera, so the two of us headed outside.

In case you don't know me personally and haven't already heard me cry about this, here's the story behind the new camera:  my original camera totally died...right in the middle of a photo session...about two weeks ago.  I was able to sweet talk it into cooperating for the rest of the shoot, though.  I thought it just needed a new battery pack, so that night I ran out to Best Buy and picked up a new one so I'd be good to go for the TWO photo sessions I had the next morning.  Well, wouldn't you know that wasn't the problem.  It completely refused to talk to the lens, so you can only imagine the focus issues I dealt with that day.  The camera needs a serious talkin' to by someone who fixes cameras.  Hence, the new camera.  I totally intended to buy a second body anyway, I just didn't think I'd be doing it a month and a half before Christmas.  It is what it is.

This week over at Paper Mama, the prompt is "fall."  Here are a couple of my favorites of Wyatt.

Peeking through a fence, being all adorable and stuff.

Hiding in a little tree amongst the leaves.  

 I really love this photo because it really captures the essence of my sweet little guy.  We were at the pumpkin patch on the hayride and I looked down to see that Wyatt was carrying a handful of miscellaneous oddball things:  a dandelion, a chunk of bone, and a dried up okra.  He is a collector of all things nature.  These little trinkets litter my house, and each object has sentimental value to my little hoarder-in-training.
I'm picking this one as my unconventional entry.

The Paper Mama


  1. I love his handful of treasures and that you being the awesome photog that you are captured it! Great job momma. That really does capture who he is and what he is in to right now. So sweet!! He is precious Cindy!

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I wanted to reply via email but your blogger profile s set to "no-reply" :(

    The macro wonderfulness is all due to a small macro filter (very similar to a UV filter that you might have at the end of your lens) I have a link to one in an Amazon widget on my sidebar. It converts your lenses to macro and does an AMAZING job on my 55-200mm lens it's like a super-macro. It also works really nicely on my 18-55mm lens. It's just about $10!


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