Versatile Blogger Award!

I haven't been blogging much over the past couple of months...in fact, hardly at all...and so it was even more of a surprise to me than normal when I was given the Versatile Blogger Award by my friend Clydia over at Three Mango Seeds.  I am truly flattered, and as a recipient, I've got a couple of rules to follow. 

First, let's all give some love right back to Clydia!  Her DIY blog is exceptional...as is she.  This girl has a passion for making old things, particularly furniture, look astonishingly new again!  Plus, she creates adorable wooden plaques with beautiful sayings on them.  Personally, I'm going to leave anything that requires sanding, staining, priming, or painting to this chick for the rest of my natural life.

Now, onto the second part of my responsibility as a versatile blogger...I'm to share 7 random things about myself with you.  Here goes.

1.  I love our Lord and my Savior, Jesus, with all of my heart.  I feel His presence with me most of the time.  I talk to Him constantly...He's a pretty great listener...and I know His voice.  Nothing I have and nothing I've done would be possible without Him.

2.  I hate socks.   And t-shirts.   And tennis shoes.  And sweats.  With a passion.  Therefore, I am always adorable.
3.  I am ambidextrous.  I write with my right hand, but I shoot guns with my left, and I bead with both.  My Wyatt hasn't picked a dominant hand yet, so at five years old, I'm fairly positive he's ambi, too. 
4.  I am beyond cheap.  I can't stand money.  I never have any of it, and everything I think I'd like to have costs a lot of it.  I scour garage sales, thrift stores, and clearance aisles for my goodies.  I NEVER pay full price for anything.  EVER. 

5.  I rarely wash my hair.  Like once every two weeks.  Please don't tell my OCD hubby.  I do thoroughly scrub my scalp under scalding water every day, but I like my hair with it's natural oils...and it behaves better dirty.
6.  I'm a grammar nut.  I cringe when I hear or read infractions.  I am correcting them in my head.  Spelling errors, too.  I was a 4th grade spelling bee champion.  Went to regionals and everything.  Hope I didn't make any ironic mistakes while writing this post.  

7.  I am super confident in my craftiness.  I have a knack for being able to mentally disassemble other people's crafts in my head so that I can recreate them.  I have NEVER bought anything at a craft fair because if I love something, I'll just go home and make it for myself.  True story.


Finally, I need to give some blog love to a couple of my favorite gals!  I'm passing this honor along to:
Piper over at The Barefoot Indian.
Casey from One Day at a Time.

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