Cold Day Activity

All of you who are parents know the ultimate irony of a child's desire to play with the packaging that fancy new things come in rather than playing with the fancy new thing.  We inherited a huge sheet of cardboard that once held a shiny new poster from my friend, and Wyatt and I didn't waste any time utilizing our new "toy."  
First, he decided to decorate the white side with his artwork.

He drew some buildings, roads, and trees...

Honestly, he simply colored for almost an hour.  Why isn't plain ol' paper so exciting?

Golly, he's cute.

He randomly wrote what letters of the alphabet he could remember off the top of his head, then traced any toy within reach.

Once he was content with his masterpiece, we flipped it over to make a game...which we played the next morning.  The top half of the board was filled with different sized circles of different point values.  The object is to each choose 10 hotwheels, then roll them one at a time to try to land them in a circle.  After 10 rolls, we add up the points to see who wins.  For the most fun, don't remove the already-rolled cars from the board...it's fun to knock your opponent off of their target!

He won 4 out of 5 games.  And I was really trying.  He was merely shooting them willy-nilly down range. 

No matter.  Two total hours of time were spent laughing and playing together.  I'd say that's a win for both of us!

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