Happy Birthday, Pooky Pants!

Five years ago, I had no idea how much I was capable of loving another human being.  Then entered Wyatt into the picture.  Whoa.  I have had the honor of mothering one of the brightest, silliest, most adorable children in the entire world, and every single day I love him more.  These first five years have taught me more about life and God's love for us than every other year of my life combined.  Happy birthday to you, Pooky Bear!

The photo I used for his invite...

And thanks to pinterest, I made waking up this morning a super fun experience!  I filled the floor of his room with dozens of balloons last night after he fell asleep (couldn't do the helium version because the boy can't sleep without the fan going).  Then I made paper streamers and hung some from the door for a little extra pizzazz.  He gasped so loud, I heard it from my room.

Only five years ago...the day after we brought him home.  It goes by way too fast.  (p.s. look at that rubberband on my wrist...so I could remember which side to start on for the next feeding....lol)

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  1. Oh my gosh this last pic of you two is precious! Love this post -- your a good momma! Love u!


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