Jewelry Box::Reinvented

I love handmade gifts more than store-bought any day of the week.  Maybe that's why I am so stinkin' excited to see the look on my dear friend's face when I give her this:  a jewelry display shelf made out of an old type set drawer!  Of course, I got the idea off of pinterest...what did any of us even do on the internet before pinterest...?

I started with the type set drawer that I found for $10 at a local antique shop.  They had already done the not-so-fun part of painting and distressing it for me!  Then I bought a ba-jillion eye hooks and hook rings from the hardware store in various sizes.

I pre-drilled the holes for the bigger hooks, but even still, my wrists and arms got quite the workout screwing them all in.  I used pliers and my fingers to coax the smaller hooks into place...my fingers are in excruciating pain.  I think I may do the next one of these in phases just to spare my fingertips.


I spread out the hooks in a random fashion...I didn't have quite enough for every opening, but I figured that some of them could hold rings or bottles of perfume or some other little trinkety things.  I added a plethora of big open hook rings all of the way across the bottom for holding necklaces, and used shoulder hooks on the sides and inside of some of the larger openings for belts, scarves, or bracelets.

I had to do a practice run with some of my goodies just to make sure it looks as cool as I hoped it would.  Am I bad for wanting to just keep it for myself...?  Too bad I already told my friend exactly what she was getting.

I absolutely love it, and for about $25, I am giving a handmade gift that I am positive she's going to love!  And if she doesn't, I still win because I'll keep it!

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