A little schoolin' fun

Trying to figure out ways to make learning fun has been a challenge for me, especially since Wyatt is a very kinetic learner. 

When he was a toddler, I taught him his colors and shapes using flash cards, but not in the typical way:  I would hand him a card, tell him what was on it, and instruct him to walk it all of the way across the room and place it on a table.  We'd repeat that process until we'd gone through all of the cards, then I'd ask him to go retrieve a specific card.  If he got it right, we'd celebrate and clap.  If he got it wrong, I'd say, "no, this is not a triangle, this is a square.  Go get me the triangle," and he'd have to try again. 

To learn his ABC's, I would have him do jumping jacks while we recited them, or I'd draw them in sidewalk chalk and make him walk their shapes. 

All fine and dandy.  Now we're on to sight words and numbers higher than 10.  I was totally stumped, then I read the parent cards that come with the flash cards.  Duh.  They suggest playing bingo, which happens to be one of the boy's favorite games, so I made us some game boards!  I'm amazed at how quickly he's learning these words and recognizing his numbers!  

The numbers game is not exactly bingo per se.  I just made a grid with 1-20 randomly placed in each box.  We shuffle the flash cards and select one.  I make him count the objects on one side, then attempt to find the number on his grid without seeing the number on back.  If he's stumped, I let him see the number. 

For the sight words, I set up the grid like a true bingo game (hey, who knew that "free" would be a bonus sight word?).  Although this was a chance to have 48 different words on our two grids, I chose to repeat a handful of the more common words on each card so that he could "help" me find them on my card.

Oh, and we play blackout bingo. 
If you're sitting inside your house, bored to tears and sick of Sponge Bob like I am, give this a try!

(p.s. for all of my photog friends, sorry about the horribly grainy pics...some things just aren't worth photoshopping)

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