Oh Baby, it's Christmas!

It's funny how having a wide-eyed child changes your view of certain things.  I've always loved Christmas, but seeing Wyatt experience the joy and wonder of this season is truly breathtaking as a mother.  Things that I've long-since become desensitized to are so fresh and new to him, and therefore, they're new again to me!

Here in Tulsa, for as long as I can remember, Rhema Bible College has gone over-the-top with a spectacular display of Christmas lights covering their entire campus.  The lights literally cover every square inch of tree, fence, pavillion, etc, and they're all set to flicker dramatically to the fantastic music blasting from speakers everywhere.  It. Is. Amazing. 

That said, I had never been.  Until this year.  We took Pooky Bear on Thanksgiving weekend, but the blustery wind kept us in our cars for the drive-through tour.  Well, last night was pretty cold, but there was no wind, so we headed back into town to experience the walk-through tour.  Oh my peas, was it ever worth how numb my fingers got!

Here are a few snapshots from last night.  Night photography ain't my bag, Baby, and these come nowhere near to doing this place justice, but I think you'll get the gist.

By far, my favorite photo of the night.  I could've taken 4 million shots of this pavillion, pond, and the fountain (you'll see it in a minute), but Jason and Wyatt were not very patient when it came to my photographic desires last night...there were lights to see!

He was in total awe. 

 The view at the beginning of the trail.  Every light was flashing and changing colors, dancing to the music!

 Reflections of the lights on the glassy creek that runs through the grounds.

I could cry.  The entire reason we have been twice, and will likely go again. 

We were in a light tunnel that spanned over a bridge. 

Did I mention that every tree was adorned? 

The lighted fountain looked like lava erupting from a volcano!  Get a load of the light bouncing off of the ripples!  Those ducks have quite the home these days!

More reflections on the creek.  I loved this color scheme.

If you're within driving distance, I highly recommend that you put Rhema on your to-do list.  I know that for me, it has made talking to Wyatt about how precious Jesus Christ is to us...the only reason for this season...a much more tangible task! 


  1. Love it! I got to go with my mom, dad, niece, nephew and baby girl. It was ahhhhhmazing! Love your pics!

  2. These are so fun - I love all the lights.


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