Shoot and Edit: Part 2

This editing challenge was harder than I thought it would be.  First of all, I guess I should've picked a picture that I didn't love as is, SOOC.  I went through about a dozen steps editing it, tweaking this, adjusting that, only to end up with essentially an edit that was identical to the SOOC shot, only with a black vingette.  Secondly, the nature of this photo is very noisy because of the high ISO...I'm not a big fan of noise, but I got over it for this one.

Here's my first attempt before and after (SOOC is on left, after is on right).  You might have to squint to see the difference...I promise I did more than crop and add a vingette!  LOL!
1. Adjusted levels  2. Reduced noise  3. Cropped  4. Spring Awakening action  5. Yellow Sky Actions Half & Half (adjusted opacities)  6. YSA Polaroid (adjusted opacities)  7. Pioneer Woman Edge Burn at 75%

I love it, but it just wasn't enough of a change.  So I started all over, and I really love the result:
Again, I think it's a subtle edit, but the coloring is much cooler, and the lights seem a little glowier (is that a word?).
1.  Adjusted levels  2. Paint the Moon Lighten & Tone  3. Spring Awakening  4. YSA Love Potion  5.  YSA Dark Fantasy  6. Pioneer Woman Edge Burn  7.  Noise reduction

After all of that, I think my favorite edit is this one:
I just added Yellow Sky Actions' Crisp Sepia on top of the last edit.  It feels so much richer in sepia than black and white, and a bit more timeless.  Love it!

This is neither here nor there, but if you're looking for some really great actions for CS-5, Lightroom, or Photoshop 6-10, you should check out Yellow Sky Actions.  They've got all of their action bundles for all three versions on sale right now for only $50!!!  I have Photoshop and received over 80 actions for that price...Lightroom and CS-5 each had well over 100 actions for that price!  And they're all really nice!


  1. Your SOOC was amazing...but I definitely love your edits too.

  2. Oh goodness- I really love the conversion! Timeless.

  3. The black and white edit is awesome! I really love your tree!

  4. I don't know if I can pick a favorite...this is just a lovely shot!

  5. This shot is exquisite and the color and black and white edits are amazing. Thank you for sharing!


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