A WyTerrific Year in Review

What is it about the end of a year that makes one reflective?  Chelsey of The Paper Mama posted a beautiful year in review of her blog that inspired me to do one of my own.  I started this blog in February, after some gentle nudging from my awesome friend Kendall to join Project 64: Out of the Box.  I am so thankful that I did, along with many other blog memes, because the unique prompts and scavenger hunts forced me to get really familiar and comfortable with the manual mode on my new camera!  So, you ready to reminisce?

I started out strong with a silly post about being the mom of a little boy, blogged about the huge task of prepping my merchandise for Just Between Friends, caught up with the first few weeks of P64, poured out my heart about our decision to have an only child, and created the first facial expression study of Pooh.  We finally decorated Wyatt's big boy room with photos I took of vintage cars, and we enjoyed our first snow day of the year.

This month, I shared several more P64 entries, a recipe, and a post about using our noggins to save a ton of money by finding our property markers ourselves!  Ignore any references to getting the kid a dog...that was a total nightmare of an experience as we discovered how not-dog-people we are.
The boy and I frequented the Tulsa Zoo, primarily to visit the zoo's Nature Exchange Center (click here for a post about how this wondeful program works!), where we trade in the goodies we found on our many nature walks.  I took tons of photos while we visited friends, (some with cows and some with jumperoos), went to the Y for indoor swimming, and did schoolwork at home.  To round out the month, my picky kid ate pizza for the first, and last, time.

In this month, I expanded my love of blog link-ups to include Scavenger Hunt Sunday, Theme Thursday, and Momma In Focus Friday...in addition to keeping up with my P64 entries.  My parents stopped by randomly one evening to see our brand new fence, and I ended up taking some of my all-time favorite photos of them with Wyatt.  In our downtime, we blew bubbles and defied the incessant Oklahoma winds by playing outside constantly.  For the umpteenth year in a row, we attended the Sand Springs Herbal Affair and met some adorable baby goats on the way home.  Jason and I decided to go golfing one day with Wyatt in tow...we all had a super fantastic time and have since repeated the experience many times.  Lastly, I shared my love of garage sales with everyone...gah, I love a great deal!


I stayed strong with all of my blog photo link-ups, plus I added a couple more...at this point, I'm not sure how I did that, because I have recently had to stop them all except for once in a blue moon...I seem to have no time anymore!  I shared several delicious recipes: a scrumptious fritatta, artery-clogging hamburger gravy, and my famous macaroons...which were interrupted during their baking time by a power outage in a thunderstorm.  I recently posted the exact same recipe...hmmm...I guess they're that good.  It is by far my most requested recipe.
While most of the posts this month were link-ups, I actually did blog about my adventures with Wyatt at Safari's Animal Sanctuary and the pond in our neighborhood, where we found a dried up fish...nice.

I kept up with my blog link-ups with increasingly beautiful photography if I do say so myself.  It's amazing to me how much I grew in such a short amount of time, and how confident I became with my beloved camera! 
This month, the temperatures began their ascent into the million-degrees zone, and stayed there well into September.  Wyatt chased around billions of bugs and I started my backyard oasis...that remains pretty much untouched due to the aforementioned million-degree heat.  It's okay...I promise that this spring, I'm going to get to crack-a-lackin' on it and you'll ALL want to come sit with me in my garden!  I did manage to build a turtle habitat for our hatchling box turtle, Mach, who sadly became an easy target for a red-tail hawk this fall.  I was pretty upset, but we've moved on...we've all decided that our fish tank provides enough of the pet experience for our family now.
I posted a new facial expression study of Wyatt...this one was really funny.  Sometimes I think he must stand in front of the bathroom mirror practicing.   The last noteworthy post of the month was my entry about knocking off a really expensive Anthropologie pendant...I've sold several of these, so I'm guessing I did a satisfactory job of it.

More fun entries for all of my link-ups...this was a time of my life that I would not be caught dead without my camera dangling from around my neck, so I always ended up with really interesting stuff!  Rather than put fifty million links here, just click here and breeze through the feed for a visual delight.  I also performed my very first creative edit on Photoshop, thanks to a couple of one-on-one tutorial sessions with Kendall.  I have since learned so much, and I'm using Photoshop nearly every day with great joy rather than the trepidation I once felt.
July also marked Wyatt's first trip to the beach, which he loved.  Albeit a very short vacation, it may very well be one of my all-time favorites.  

This month I made a huge decision: to become a professional portrait photographer!  I honestly can't believe it's only been a few months...I am still loving every minute of it and I'm having a blast!  Hop over to Cindy Kay Photography to see my work!  Not too long after I started, I realized that I was stretched rather thin, what with all of my blog memes and all of the odd jobs and random obligations in life, so I decided to start saying no
The boy and I were delighted to have a couple of days with his darling cousin at the end of the month, so of course I took tons of photos!  I shared a very healthy family recipe for lentil curry, and went back to my hillbilly roots by letting my child hold wild animals that we caught in our yard. 

Again, I showed off my excellent parenting skills by allowing my child to play with snakes we found while working in the yard.  We went to the Oklahoma Aquarium for a change of pace, and I dabbled in self-portraiture and ended up loving the results.  And I shared a recipe for a crockpot bean dinner that is unbelievably delicious.  My photography business picked up quickly, as evidenced by the lack of a plethora of blog posts as was the previous norm.

Hmmm....not a lot of posts...this month I became exceedingly busy with my photography business (yay!!), so I started letting several of my link-ups fall by the wayside.  My last couple of P64 link ups were this month, and I shared a couple of totally random link ups for which I likely just-so-happened to have taken fitting photos.  I linked up a few random helpful hints over at my friend Clydia's blog, Three Mango Seeds:  a fix for stinky towels, how to color coordinate anything, and changing your perspective while taking pictures.   I was also honored to do a photo shoot of my closest friend's gorgeous ballerina daughter.  Sprinkled throughout

In true space-cadet fashion, I managed not to share any Halloween photos on my blog...Wyatt was a frog, and he was adorable.  I did however post a hysterically funny series of photos documenting his first experience with Warhead candies.  Over at Clydia's blog, I shared a simple tutorial for some classic earrings that anyone can make.  And finally, Wyatt showed off his goober side while playing with his hotwheels.

Now completely unparticipatory in all blog memes, most of my December posts had lots of fun flavor to them.  I shared a series of photos of Wyatt...the same exact pose every year for the past 5 years...that I simply adore.  Trapped indoors due to ridiculously cold weather, the boy and I came up with some educational entertainment that anyone would love.  Jason and I started a new Christmas tradition this year by taking Wyatt to see the lights at Rhema Bible College.  I reposted my macaroon recipe.  I shared another activity for anyone suffering from cabin fever who also happens to have giant scraps of cardboard lying around their home.  I made all of the time I spend on pinterest pay off by creating adorable button ornaments alongside Wyatt, and a beautiful jewelry "box" as a gift for my bestie.

All in all, I had a wonderful year.  I made a couple of new friends that I love as if I've known them my entire life.  I've taken risks for myself and have turned my passion into a job!  My baby grew another year older and absolutely amazed me at just how wonderful he truly is.  My hubby and I have grown even more in love and are happier than we've ever been.  My hair went through about 4 thousand changes this year...some of them horrible, some fantastic.  I'm looking forward to the next year:  I plan to take what I've learned during the past couple of months while building my photography portfolio and start blowing my own mind!  I resolve to brand my photography with a style that is all my own.  I also want to soak up my little buddy as much as I can in the next 8 months before I hand him over to, gulp, school.  I hope to continue growing closer to God this year by letting Him have control...harder than I wish it was. 

Thank you all for sticking with me this year!  I can't wait to see what the new year holds for all of us!

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