Another Pinterest-Project-Gone-Great

I've said it before:  I prefer giving handmade gifts over storebought ones.  Several of my friends are having babies in the next couple of months, and I needed an idea for a simple gift that would work for boys or girls.  It didn't take long on pinterest to run across a pattern for these adorable slip-on shoes made of felted wool. 

Here is the photo from The Purl Bee's crafting site:

Very simple, totally adorable, and easily a unisex gift.

Since the majority of the babies whom my friends are expecting shall be girls, I decided to up the sweet factor by embellishing my rendition of the slippers...plus, I used a heavier felt.
 I still have one step left:  to stitch a piece of elastic into the top of the foot where the two sides cross to give the shoes a snug fit.  I couldn't finish today because although I know for a fact I own about 10 yards of elastic, I cannot for the life of me find it.
No matter...you get the picture:  they're precious!

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  1. Oh wow Cindy! Those are adorable...love them!


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