Edit Me Challenge

This is my very first time to participate in the Edit Me Challenge!  When I saw the picture that was up for everyone to play with this week, I couldn't resist!  I had fun, so I may be linking up every week!
Here's the before shot:

And my After, which I'll be linking up:

Almost all of the actions I used were from the Yellow Sky Actions Photoshop bundle.  If you're in the market for some actions, I highly recommend them!  The PSE set of about 80 actions was only $50, and they include clean editing actions, color actions, black & white actions, and fun effects actions!

1.  First, I used Mr. Fix It's layer masks to brighten it up a tad, add some fill light to his clothes, add a touch of clarity, and sharpen up his sweet little face.  
2.  I ran Violet Rush and tweeked it a bit.  I really wanted a kind of lavender glow to the photo.
3.  I ran Tuesday Blues, which brightened it up a little, and added a vintagy, denimy haze.
4.  I used Pioneer Woman's Warmer to bring a little warmth back into his skin since he'd cooled off quite a bit with the lavender and blue.
5.  I used Razor Sharp to sharpen his face (I used a brush at 50% opacity and then I pulled the layer mask's opacity down, too...I wanted it sort of soft in the end)
6.  Cropped and added a black vinette at 25% percent.
7.  His cute little cheeks were kind of ruddy still, so I used the Complexion Brush to smooth them out.
8. After all of that editing, he got pretty noisy, so I ran a reduction filter.

I don't typically play so much with color tints, but I like the cool hue of this edit.  It kind of feels vintage to me.  He is precious, no matter what!

Edit Me


  1. LOVE this edit! It just looks perfect!

  2. I love what you've done - the face is so clear!

  3. ooooooo, I like! It's such a warm, soft edit.
    Well done!

  4. Love your edit. Very clear and clean.

  5. This might be one of my favorite edits - it's nice and clean and really makes this sweet baby shine.

  6. Wow! First time and you've edited it beautifully! Congrats!


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