Tutorial Tuesday: Watercolor Painting

My house is full of oil paintings that I've found at thrift stores, garage sales, and those "starving artist" sales.  I absolutely love impasto, and I can just never bring myself to buy a print of a painting...I would so much rather have a real knock-off than a print of the real thing just for the texture. 
That said, I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw this week's Tutorial Tuesday!  Ashley and Branson are sharing with us how to transform our photography into a painting...well, in photoshop anyway!  I am astounded at how easy this was, and I do believe I shall be breaking my rule in the near future by printing off and framing one of these!
We're not supposed to use archived photos for this challenge, but seeing as this is my first link-up, and that my sweet boy is sickly, I couldn't wait to start playing around.  I promise to be a good girl and follow the rules next time. 

Here are my three edits:

For these koi, I followed the tutorial exactly...I used all of the settings and opacities that Ashley suggested.  I did take her advice and ran a high pass filter on the background at the end. 
I cannot even stand how much I love this.  It feels like a Monet to me.

For these weeds, I had to make some adjustments to all of the settings in the different filters because too much detail was lost...it just looked like a big green and purple blob. 
For the cutout layer, I had my layers at 8, edge simplicity at 1, and edge fidelity at 1, and that layer at 25% opacity.
For the drybrush layer, I had my brush at 6, detail at 10, and texture at 2, with the whole layer at 31%.
And I ran the high pass filter again.
This has long been one of my favorite photos because I love the irony of beauty found in things we try to eradicate.  Now I love it more!

 For my seagull, I just followed the tutorial again.  I fanagled the opacities a bit here and there, but not much.  Also ran the high pass.

For comparison's sake, here are the before and afters:



  1. These are all perfect subjects! Gorgeous photos to start with, and wonderful watercolor results!

  2. Oh these are gorgeous - I love yours even more than my own. I think for nature photos, these really do add that extra bit of beauty.


  4. Very pretty watercolors. Love the fish!

  5. They are all beautiful! Love the seagull!!

  6. They are beautiful! love the seagull too.

  7. Oh my...how fantastic. All of the shots are great, but the koi really is stunning.

  8. These are seriously amazing! I've never seen watercolor paintings that are quite so vibrant and bright. The seagull and the fish are so good! The flowers look like they're actually from a photograph. Very nice job, I'll have to tell some people about it.


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