Piano Lessons

Over the past couple of years, Wyatt's friends have all joined T-ball and soccer teams...or gymnastics...or dance.  The hubby and I play golf, and while Wyatt happily accompanies us, he is more interested (and capable) of exploring the course for bits of nature than swinging a club.  I struggled to come up with something that could be "just his." 

Then, last Christmas, he received a toy keyboard as a gift.  The boy played with it incessantly, but not just by slapping the keys...he would sit very poised and oh so gingerly press each key deliberately.  Around that time, I noticed that he has an affinity for classical music as well.  I knew that my praise and worship pastor's wonderful wife teaches piano in her home, so the day after Wyatt's fifth birthday, I signed him up.

I don't have to ask him to practice...he asks me.  Sometimes I will be in another room and hear him practicing whichever version of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" that he's been assigned for the week.  He loves the Italian vocabulary for all of the notes and styles.  I honestly couldn't be prouder of my Punkin.

Here are some photos from today's lesson:
Warming up

His cute little feet

Reading his lesson...under the piano.

Reading music!

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  1. Awww, this is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing lifes little moments with me, sometimes you just need a place of joy. Thank you for sharing this, be blessed.


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