Quarterly Top 5 Photos of Wyatt

With my photography business booming, I realized that I haven't taken nearly as many photos of Wyatt this quarter.  Whoops.  He is probably a little relieved to get a break from my camera in his face, though.  Even still, he will always be my favorite subject!

Here are my favorite five since January.

This may be one of my alltime favorite photos, ever.  Days before his fifth birthday, I needed a quick invite, and this idea had been swimming in my mind for months.  It turned out exactly as planned!

Currently my computer wallpaper because it makes me burst into laughter every time I see it.  What luck that we got a red mustache from the vending machine! 

Another funny one.  He accompanied me on a photo shoot, and I was playing around while we were waiting on the birthday girl to change outfits.  This is sooooo Wyatt. 

I promise I take photos of him making sweet, normal faces, too, but I love all of the expressions he makes.  And he makes more funny faces than normal ones, so hey, can you blame me for loving these? 

Such a goober.  This one makes me chuckle.  The boy was going to town, acting like a total lunatic.  See that mammoth sticker on his chest?  He had just gotten two immunizations, and I think it made him extra loopy. 



  1. Jeez, these are all awesome! I'm loving the first shot; very creative! I also love the middle one (his expression) and the second to last shot! Aw heck, I love them all!

  2. These are absolutely adorable - he has quite some faces, doesn't he?

  3. Thank you, both. I just realized that there is a FIVE theme...five photos, of my five year old, just after his fifth birthday, holding up five fingers...hmmm.

  4. I just love his expressions and how he engages the camera. So fun!!!!!!

  5. These are all SO SO cute. That sprinkle shot is so much fun. I just LOVE it.

  6. Oh my goodness!!! These are so awesome. I love the first two.


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