iHeartFaces Photo Challenge:: Happiness

Yesterday was just gorgeous.  The boy and I went with our MOPS group to Shepherd's Fold Ranch for an Easter egg hunt with all of his buddies.  The ranch serves as a campground for summer camps, and is absolutely rich with beauty and serenity.  After the egg hunt and a picnic lunch, a couple of us moms took the kids on a long nature walk.
Wyatt was thrilled!  For him, outdoors equals HAPPINESS!

Please forgive the high-noon harsh lighting...even still, this is such a sweet moment of my little guy...captures him perfectly!

Photo Challenge Submission


  1. What a FACE!! He is thoroughly encased in pure HAPPINESS! :D Beautiful job!

  2. This makes me smile, what an adorable image!

  3. super fun shot. I love the yellow canoe and his awesome smile!

  4. This really shows his inner happiness ;D


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