Paper Mama Photo Challenge:: Eyes

I love Wyatt's eyes.  When he was born, we thought he'd be a blue-eyed red head like me because they were literally navy blue.  But sometime around his first birthday, little streaks of brown and green started showing up, crowding out the blue entirely.  Now he's a little green-eyed goober like his Daddy.  His right eye even has a brown patch. 

Here he is, demonstrating his Blue Steel.  I love this photo so much, mostly because of how much his eyes stand out, but also because this pretty much sums up my kid.

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge

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  1. WOW! cool image ! I wish I could have son like this. But a wonderful photograph indeed. I'll share it through partnership with EPSON Premium Photo Paper and post it on my wall. I'm sure many will love this with a baby tantalizing eyes.


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