Scavenger Hunt Sunday

God has been giving me nature's softbox this week: lots of bright, yet cloudy days!  On one of our nature walks this week, I managed to get all but one of the prompts for this week's challenge!  The other I was blessed to capture while visiting with a dear friend while admiring her new daughter.

1.  New
Meet Sofia.  She was one week old in this photo.  Is she seriously not the most incredibly beautiful newborn ever?  Her Mama and I have been friends for ages, and I am beyond happy for her and her hubby!  Congrats, Muge and Andy! 
To see the rest of this photo session, which is my first lifestyle newborn session, head over to my photography blog, Cindy Kay Photography

2.  Life
Ah, spring.  A time full of new life.  Here is my sweet boy, helping to spread dandelion seeds all over creation so that they can sprout up new life all over someone else's lawn. 

3.  Fragrant
While exploring, we found this random patch of bright yellow wildflowers.  Admittedly, their aroma was not too appealing, but they were definitely fragrant nonetheless.

4.  Pink
I admire my neighbor's green thumb.  Her roses seem to bloom so effortlessly in nearly every hue under the sun.  I especially love these that are so crammed with petals!

5.  Obvious
Is it obvious that I wear my Toms almost non-stop?  Poor things.  They are faded, stained, raveling, smelly, and they're starting to get holes in the toes.  But I love them so.  I can deal with ugly, as long as they're always so cozy!


  1. That baby IS beautiful - hard to believe she's only a week old.
    Nice set of shots!

  2. I cannot pick a favorite. These are all gorgeous. Great job!

  3. tom's are cozy... comfy... but - yep they do develop a smell {eventually}.
    my fave shot = LIFE --- love how your captured your son blowing a dandelion

  4. Wow, all your photos are gorgeous but my favorite is "fragrant"; what a beautiful boy and happy picture!

  5. Gorgeous photos! I love the one of the rose and of your little boy in the flowers- too cute!

  6. This is such a great shot girl - beautiful baby and I love the shot of Wyatt for life.

  7. Your photos are amazing and you kids are just beautiful. I love wearing my Toms too! I think I could buy then in every color and style.

  8. Amazing photos! And yes, that is such a beautiful newborn! :]


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