Rock the Shot Photo Challenge:: Pets

Whenever I see pet photo contests, I'm usually pretty bummed because we have no furry little critters for me to photograph.  We tried the whole dog thing last year, and it was a debacle of great proportions.  My hubby hates cats, and I don't want to deal with the STINK that comes with rodents or reptiles.  One day, while wasting time after church, the three of us ran into a pet store "just to look."  Twenty dollars later, we were on our way home with these guys and all of their get-up.
Wyatt calls them Sponge Bob and Patrick, but we all know that after two days, they became MY fish, so I renamed them:  GOP and DNC.
To get this shot:
I set this up perpendicular to my front window, which lets in lots of natural light.
I set the clear tank on top of a book covered with a white piece of printer paper, and put my white reflector behind it as a backdrop (you could use poster board).
I used a stack of books to sit my camera on (my tripod was too tall).
My camera settings:
50mm 1.4 lens
Spot metering (my focal point was on the center divider)
f/2.5 (+1 stop on the exposure meter)
1/160 sec shutter speed
ISO 100
Auto white balance
My SOOC was decent, but I adjusted the color, sharpness, brightness and levels in photoshop, then cropped it.